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Friendly Neighbor Reminders
Posted on Feb 27th, 2018 Comments (0)
Please be aware of the following friendly neighbor reminders:
  • You must bag and discard of your animal waste in the appropriate receptacle in the neighborhood.
  • Do not tape any type of notice to the mailboxes because this can affect their finish with the chemicals in the tape.  if you have information that you need to get out to others (lost pet, ect.) please contact Megan to assist with this.
  • Please remember that the City of Leawood requires all trash receptacles be “stored inside your garage or structure” and out of sight of all your neighbors (Ord. 2302C; 02-04-08 – 8-533).
  • Both Greenbrier Bylaws as well as the City of Leawood require the installation of trees along the street in front of our homes and the complete removal of any tree stumps. Please ensure you install these trees per the pre-approved trees list provided on the website.